America’s Kingdom from writer Brian L. Hawkins and art team, Aris Gonzalez on pencils, James Hebert on Inks, HDE Letterer, Colours by Scappattici asks the question, ‘what would America be like if it remained a monarchy?’

Hawkins has created a fantastic book that contains elements which reminded me of the political machinations and ultra violence of Game of Thrones combined with the alternative history of The Man in the High Castle.

The issue begins with a thrilling action sequence involving a horse mounted take down of a rebel who opposes the current regime. Starting in the thick of the action was a smart move on the creators part as it establishes the new world’s status quo in an exciting way.

The reader is then introduced to the main villain of the series in a scene that calls back to a certain silver haired ex president. As the characters and status quo at ‘The White Palace’ are introduced the art team does an outstanding job of making the characters look distinct from each other and are able to keep the readers interested through the use of clever cinematic angles and panel composition.


The world that has been presented in America’s Kingdom is incredibly well constructed and the art team show great promise to improve on the content of this impressive debut issue.

I hope that subsequent issues are able to introduce some heroic characters to latch onto and care about as the dark tone of the premise calls out for the occasional ray of sunshine in this dark vision of America.

America’s Kingdom is a dark but highly enjoyable tale of an alternative history of the USA. I am personally very interested to see where the story takes us next.

Verdict= Good

America’s Kingdom is currently crowdfunding to release the rest of the series on a kickstarter which can be found here: