Scioli unleashes the Kirby Cosmic Crackle in PRINCESS

Tom Scioli is back with PRINCESS his latest high octane Kirby Krackling science fiction action adventure.

After working on the sense shattering universe altering Transformers GI Joe for IDW for the last few years Scioli has returned with his first creator owned series since 2013’s Masters of the Universe New Gods mash up American Barbarian.

You may also recognise Scioli’s distinctive kinetic highly stylised art in the “Super Powers” back  up strips currently running in the back of Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye from Young Animal / DC which he will continue to produce in parallel to PRINCESS.

Cosmic Horror, Crimson Guard and Cobra Commander: Scioli’s Transformers / GI Joe from IDW

With PRINCESS Scioli returns to the Stars. In an interview with Multiversity Comics Tom describes PRINCESS as a tale of galactic conquest, hostile aliens featuring a bad ass alien space princess … on the run from the warlords who have taken over her planet. Adventure, twists, turns, fights, chases and revelations follow”.

And you can read it right now for free!

As teased on Twitter Scioli will be releasing a new page of PRINCESS every Wednesday on his website at

Scioli is also showcasing his unique art style which incorporates layers of pencils, collage and crayon regularly though his Twitter.

WIP Pencils for PRINCESS

I’ll be honest with you and admit that I had to try real REAL hard to not make this piece just a gallery of my favourite Tom Scioli panels, but I guess that’s what google or Tumblr is for so you should probably take a few moments now and go and do that.

If you’re familiar with Scioli’s work you’ll know that his imagination is limitless and his ability to render over the top Kirby-inspired Science Fiction action is unparalleled in comics today.  Free from the constraints of page count, sub editors and corporate control PRINCESS will surely be an unforgettable Sci Fi Thrill Ride.

So make every Wednesday Free Comics Book Day and point your favourite web browser to for this week’s thrilling and chilling installment of PRINCESS.