Image Comics presents the latest series from Greg Rucka (the mastermind behind LAZARUS and BLACK MAGICK) teaming up with acclaimed artist Leandro Fernandez, Colourist Daniela Miwa and Letterer Jodi Wynne to introduce The Old Guard #1.


Rucka begins his new series with a familiar theme of immortality – as presented in his ongoing series LAZARUS, but adapts the concept into a completely different world. You get the idea from the first few pages that The Old Guard reveals a more bleak and unfiltered narrative surrounding the consequences of not being able to be killed.

Also reminiscent of Rucka’s previous work is the presence of a strong, highly skilled female protagonist – Andy. However you will notice that Andy, unlike the other female protagonists in Rucka’s work, has this raw awareness of her condition that defines her from his other characters.


Initial panels featuring the immortal four slow down the pace of the book (after all they do really have all the time in the world) before the much more violent and intense second half of the book – Which is kind of reverse to what we saw in Lazarus #1.


Fernandez demonstrates his talents encapsulating the chaos with his unique style throughout book with some really fantastic inks and shadows to emphasize and solidify the artwork. Fernadez’s style is complemented beautifully by the vivid pastel colours of Daniela Miwa that really bring to life the moonlit city streets and bleak desert landscapes showcased in this first issue.


I feel like the old guard did not have as much impact as Rucka’s other debuts like LAZARUS and BLACK MAGICK, but I know what he is capable of and I eagerly await the next installment of The Old Guard.