An evocative and haunting trip through the landscape of the Wild West on the trail of ‘Vile’ Clem Styles.

Publisher: Rats & Crows Publishing
Created and Written by : Richard Paul Davis
Illustrated by: Francis Nuguit and Antonio Brandao
Colours: Eleonora Della Rosa, Sara Macajewski (and Letters)
Co-created by: Dyan Johnson (additional Lettering)

Set in the glory days of the Wild West, Vile is the story of an evil man called Clem Styles who forcibly steals a young Native America woman called Hard Pants to be his woman shortly after he commits a foul deed to her peaceful tribe.

After we are introduced to the villainous Styles in an opening scene which is both beautiful and heartbreaking, the comic takes a well needed breath to introduce Hard Pants in a sequence of events that manages to succinctly explain her past, her character and her motivations.

This is the point where Vile really begins to shine. Hard Pants is a really fantastic character and the art seems to step up a gear as native mythology and the real world begin to intertwine.

By the end of the second interlude I was thoroughly intrigued by by the story and was along for the ride completely.

Towards the end of the comic we meet a motley duo of bounty hunters who are pursuing Vile Clem Style for their own individual reasons. These scenes are nightmarish and remind me a bit of horror tales told around a campfire. These vignettes serve to underline the fact that Styles is an absolute scumbag. There is an interesting moment involving Style’s actions in Africa which I won’t spoil here that has me wondering where the creative team are going to take the character in the future.

When I read a comic like this I often think, bring on the TV series already! Vile is no exception. I could happily devour a stack of these comics because it has that quality of story where you are dying to see what happens next!

I for one, am in the saddle and along for the ride 100%

Verdict: A Stunning Debut

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