Review: Slime! Issue 1


Created by Łukasz Kowalczuk  (Self Drop Kick / Rats and Crows Publishing)

Imagine if you will a devastated, post-nuclear Mad Max wasteland!

A lawless land of wild men and women!

A land where masked and face painted Road Warriors in leather, chains and spikes dispense brutal frontier justice and the only the strong survive.

This is the world of Slime!

The logo for Kowalczuk’s Self Drop Kick Press

This is the world of Polish cartoonist Łukasz Kowalczuk.

It is a 100% Over the Top Surreal Celebration of Muscle, Madness, Monstrosity and the Masters of the Universe.

It is 100% BONKERS!

And I love it!

A small caveat here, there really wasn’t much of a chance that I wouldn’t like this book seeing as I have been a fan of the Mat Wars since the late 1980s.

From the WWF/E to Jim Crockett Promotions and the NWA to ECW, Chikara, Dragon Gate, Michinoku Pro, Lucha Underground and New Japan Pro Wrestling, I couldn’t tell you how many hundreds of hours I’ve spent watching wrestling from around the world over the last 25 years.

So if you come to me and say “Michael, I’m going to make a mash up comic of Mad Max, Masters Of the Universe, Iron Maiden Albums Covers and all your favourite wrestlers from the 80s and 90s.” then I will turn to you and do the real life equivalent of that Futurama “Shut Up and Take My Money” meme.


If you double down on that and say “Well I’ve got this idea from a comic strip I want to Crowdfund where a 1990 scheme for Aliens to Invade and Conquer the Planet Earth is spoiled because the invading Extra-terrestrials intercept an Ultimate Warrior promo and think it’s a legitimate threat from Earth’s mightiest military forces.” Then I’ll back that bad boy to bask in the awesome tale of over the top action and adventure because I’m 100% on board.

I should probably also add this as a disclaimer but Łukasz and I have been unknowing collaborators over the last year or so, working together on Atomic Elbow, the World’s Second Best Pro Wrestling Fanzine.

So with all the being said you should probably stop what you’re doing right now, head over to the Rats and Crows Publishing page and buy yourself a copy of this amazing book.

If you ever played with Masters of the Universe this book is for you

If you ever wanted to know about the further adventures of Lord Humungus from Mad Max 2 then this books is for you.

If you were ever a Little Warrior or a Hulkamaniac, or told someone what Austin 3:16 was then this books is for you.

If you’ve ever played Fall Out and thought “You know what could make this game even better, it’s Cactus Jack, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the Great Muta as Wasteland Mutants” then this book is for you.

If you ever watched Turbo Kid and laughed until you couldn’t breathe then this book is for you.

Slime! is Łukasz Kowalczuk’s affectionate love letter to his childhood in Poland in the 1980s and 80s learning about American Popular Culture from knock off toys and pirated satellite TV.

It is a rare slice of pure bombastic, ecstatic non-ironic joy and you will love every panel of it.