Thunderclap ( ) is a free, crowd-speaking platform. Most comic fans and creators are familiar with the concept of ‘crowd-funding’, where you support projects and causes by pledging money through Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Well, ‘crowd-speaking’ is where you support projects and causes by pledging to spread their message on through social media: Facebook, Twitter, and/ or Tumblr. The process is completely free and only takes a few seconds but the impact can be dramatic.

Why go through Thunderclap? Why not just share the message now?

Social media platforms like Facebook ‘curate’ what posts show up in everyone’s newsfeed. In most cases, your posts are only being seen by a relatively small percent of your friends unless the things you post frequently get a lot of likes, shares, and comments.

This is why you see some creators endlessly posting broad, trivial questions that people will feel compelled to respond to, making posts about hot button issues that will elicit a good or bad reaction, creating polls where you vote with likes, reactions and comments, and pretty much any other gimmick they can come up with to boost their interactions so when they have to promote something their post will be more visible. Crowd-speaking is an alternative to that.

When a bunch of people post about the same thing at or around the same time, Facebook, Twitter, etc. see that sudden spike as breaking news, aka a potential ‘trending topics’, and they dramatically boost the visibility of those posts as a result. With a platform like Thunderclap, you’re basically agreeing to a pre-scheduled share/ retweet so all those posts are made at the same time and the message is much more visible because of it. This make each share a lot more effective!

So how can I help?

It only takes a few clicks. Click on the campaign then click the red buttons which say ‘Support with Facebook’, ‘Support with Twitter’, and/ or ‘Support with Tumblr’. Each will give you the chance to tailor the post, then ask you to authorise. You’ll be given the option to get updates from the creator and to share the campaign now but that’s it. Start to finish you’ll be done in under a minute.Supporting with all 3 platforms will count you as 3 supporters and help a campaign reach it’s goal that much faster.

Even accounts which only have a small network will help the campaign trend and be visible on Thunderclap’s website ( so it can attract even more supporters.

Now there’s a Facebook group setup to make the process of promoting, finding, and supporting comic-related ‘crowd-speaking’ campaigns even easier.

Thunderclap for Comics ( ) is a community of comic creators and fans which share tips, cross-promote projects, and support each other’s campaigns. Having that supportive base helps all the campaigns be more successful. ( Note: You do not need to be a creator to join the group or to even run a Thunderclap campaign to help get the word about your favourite book or series. )Head over to to see which campaigns are currently underway or to launch your own.

NOTE: Article provided by Mike Schneider and The Thunderclap for Comics Team