Rose created by Cameron Davis


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Rose is an every day girl with every goals and every day concerns.

Food, Friends, Fun, Family

but mostly Food

Rose Issue 4 is the latest collection of Cameron Davis’ irregular web comics of the same name.

It collects a selection of moments of Rose’s life as she attempts to navigate through the usual perils and pitfalls of every day adult existence.

Rose4.3What Should I Wear to Work?

What Should I have for Breakfast?

Why am I late for the Bus?

What is the deadline for the Report Again?

Should I have that second piece of birthday cake in the office?

Oh Dear it’s Mum’s birthday tomorrow and I haven’t even got her a card

Why did I forget that my housemate has organised a dinner party for all her boring socially aspirant friends tonight?

What even are canapes really?

Humour is tricky in any media and comics are no different to this.

Cameron Davis’s approach serves up a selection of tried and true sit com standards as part of Rose’s episodic adventures.

Davis intermingles Rose’s every day trials and tribulations with childhood and adolescence to chronicle key moments in her life ranging from taking her driving test, going to a job interview to taking a holiday

It’s not hard to imagine Rose as one of their protagonists in a show like Friends or New Girl, OK so maybe more the crazy sidekick type but you get the point.

Making you’re way in the world today takes everything you got

The writing is sharp and punchy and often using little to no dialogue to set up and pay off jokes.  They are all done in one strips, much like a classic newspaper strip and clearly designed to be consumed in an episodic format

The art is clear, clean and cartoonish with a style which seems increasingly influenced by the Archie house style greats like Dan DeCarlo.

If you need a simple slice of lighthearted laughs in your day then you could do a lot worse than to check out the archive on the Rose Comics Website.

If you like what you see and are reading this before the end of March you jump on Cameron’s Kickstarter and pick up a collection of the initial 4 issues.