The countdown to this Summer’s Comic Book Blockbuster is on. Tom Scioli’s Transformers vs GI Joe: The Movie: The Official Comic Book Adaptation is coming soon to a comics store near you and you are not ready!

Prepare yourself while you still can!

Join us now as we look back at Barber and Scioli’s Breathtaking Mind bending Sense Shattering Saga


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Nostalgia, it’s a strange and powerful thing.  Sometimes it can be a good thing reminding you of those golden days and endless summers of your youth or help you remember your nearest and dearest who aren’t with you anymore.

Sometimes nostalgia can convince that you really do need to spend a day’s pay on a complete Masters of Universe 22 Disc DVD Box Set (STOP! DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! That cartoon is a hot mess of ham fisted PSA plots riddled plots over a montage of stock footage).

Sometimes it can convince to spend your free hours on a Sunday afternoon flipping through record bins or back order boxes looking for that elusive set completing Holy Grail item.

Kicking things Off with a Bang!  (Courtesy IDW)

And sometimes, JUST sometimes, if convinces you that what you need, what you REALY Need is Cobra Commander flying in Starscream using a laser rifle to blow off Snake Eyes’ face at point blank range.

Transformers GI JOE by John Barber and Tom Scioli is the comic you need to times like that, times when you can only wonder “what would happen if Cobra and the Decepticons joined forces under the banner of genuine in the Mountains of Madness Lovecraft Tentacle Monster and tried to take over the United Nations General Assembly”.

You might be cynical at first because it could just be ANOTHER licensed toy comic sitting alongside My Little Pony, Back to the Future, MacGyver or ROM Space Knight on the bloated racks at your local comics book store.

You COULD dismiss it saying that it’s just another 80s throwback like every other time IDW or Dreamwave or Marvel has tried to through Duke, Scarlet, Snake Eyes, Soundwave, Destro, Megaton and Optimus Prime into the Mash Up blender.

You could argue both those points and you would be wrong!

Transformers v GI Joe Vol 1 (courtesy IDW)

IDW’s latest Transformers GI Joe series was lightning in a bottle, 14 issues over 2 years of divine inspired madness by Barber and Scioli.

Transformers GI Joe was that perfect childhood fever dream when you played with ALL your toys in the sand pit in your backyard.

And it was too good for this sordid broken world of ours and now it’s gone.

Join me now as we look back at the series and bask in the Kirby Crackle Glory!

This series is the brain child of John Barber and Tom Scioli.  Barber, who co-writes, is one of the chief architects of IDW’s Transformer Franchise since it was relaunched at IDW about 5 years ago.

Tom Scioli is the book’s co-writer and artist, who got a start working on Erik Larsen’s Freak Force and is also known as the co-creator of the Cosmic Super Hero Epic Godland (along with Joe Casey) and his own post-apocalyptic sword and sorcery series American Barbarian.

Transformers GI JOE stared with the 2014 Free Comic Book Day Special (You can still read it for free here) which kicked things off pretty much as you’d expect.  

Cobra and the Decepticons have united to form Decepticobra, the Unholy Alliance bent on complete destruction and or enslavement of all human and Cybertronian life.

The only force capable of resisting such a Malevolent

Yo Joe! (Courtesy IDW)

 Tsunami of Destruction is the elite special forces unit, the Real American Heroes known as GI JOE.

But it doesn’t take too long for things to get dialed up to 11 in the name of bombastic, world shattering genius.

Before long Snake Eyes is missing a face, Cobra Commander is missing presumed dead and Megatron is wearing Bumblebee’s severed head like a piece of Gangsta Bling.

And that’s just the first issue!

Next Time: Chthonic Horror! The Fall of Eden! VIKINGS! All that and more in Part II of Knowing is Half the Battle