When Everything Seems Lost, Heroes Will Rise

An Unlikely Alliance of Man and Machine

To Light Our Darkest Hour! Until All Are One!


Transformers vs. G.I. Joe: the Movie: the Official Comic Book Adaptation

Story, Words and Pictures  by Tom Scioli Published by IDW

Doomsday is Here!

Unbeknownst to us a deadly and mysterious object is hurtling through the cold infinite void of space and has now entered our solar system with only one goal.

The complete destruction of Earth and every living thing on it!

We have one last, best hope to save the Earth and its inhabitants.

A colourfully clad band of military misfits.

Scarlett, Hawk, Snake Eyes, Roadblock.

G.I.Joe: The Real American Hero

Even On Cybetron: War is Hell

Visionary creator Tom Scioli has returned to his cult favourite Transformers vs GI Joe series for one last coda or perhaps the next evolution in the series.

The comic book adaptation of the greatest movie never made!

Transformers vs G.I. Joe the Movie Adaptation distills all the action, excitement, giant robots and space madness of the previous 14 issues of the series into 20 pages of blockbuster, brain bending, Kirby Krackling Kraziness.

(Need to catch up on what happened before? Take a moment and read our helpful and insightful recap of the 2014-2016 series here)

We are thrown head first into the action as it is revealed that the Transformers Home World of Cybetron is headed our way and it’s up to G.I. Joe to stop it.

The only problem is the unholy alliance of Cobra and Decepticons is hellbent on laying waste to any resistance, Autobot or Human alike and setting themselves up as Masters and Overlords in the world that is to come.

Megatron and the Cobra Elite: Either about the Conquer the World or drop the must have album of the Summer, or possibly both.

The action is unrelenting as Scioli grabs you by the frontal lobe and rips you through 20 pages of thrills, spills and chills.

Worlds Will Live, Worlds Will Die!

It’s the Ultimate Battle of Man and Machine!

Long hidden secrets are laid bare!

Heroes and Villains will have their lives forever changed!

This comic is exactly like that felling you get when you’re watching Transformers 86 and the Stan Bush starts to pump out your speakers.

Only better by several increments of Radness!

Snake Eyes Lets his Sword do the Talking

Tom Scioli goes all in and leaves nothing behind trying to recreate the feel of those Marvel Super Special Movie Adaptations from the 70s and 80s. He condenses 90 or even 120 minutes of big screen blockbuster into 20 pages of story making every page and every panel all killer no filler.

And don’t worry, there’s still more surprises after the final credits have rolled.  IDW has been kind enough to include back matter bonus material included previously unreleased interviews with many of the key cast members of Transformers vs G.I.Joe the movie including Shana O’Hara (Scarlet) and O. Ryan Paxton (Optimus Prime).

This is an unrelenting and compelling lightning bolt to the brain of a comics.

An uninhibited vision of unwavering good versus unstoppable evil rendered masterfully as only Scioli could.

You don’t need to have read a single page of the series prior to this.

You don’t need to know anything more than absolute fundamentals about other series.

If, like me, you feel your life has been lacking giant fighting robots, ninja masters and evil Snake Men then don’t delay, don’t even wait another second.

Read this Comic now as if your very survival depended on it.

Transformers vs G.I.Joe is out NOW.  You can grab it online at Comixology or from the finest comic book shops and retailers.