disclaimer: Hello Michael here just a quick disclaimer to say that these are purely my thoughts and do not necessarily represent the views of Ben, Matt or any other contributor to Advance Comics.


As reported today, Comics Alliance is being put “on hiatus” by its parent company 8 years after its inception and after 4 years in its current incarnation.

More than any other site or blog or forum Comics Alliance opened me to up a host of conversation about comics that I was not aware of previously.

Conversations about what Comics are, what they could be and what they arguably should be.

It seems to me that most of the comics internet is devoted to regurgitating media releases from big publishers as news and to slapping 4 and 5 star reviews on “hot books” featuring “all star creative teams”.

Sure Comics Alliance had the news and reviews too but it was more than that.  It highlighted how comics, as part of the broader pop culture landscape, should participate in the discussion about the stories that we tell ourselves about the world we live and our place in it.  It asked questions about how we are represented in those same stories.

I’m sure the debate will continue somewhere else and I hope something else will spring up to fill the void it creates but I wanted to take a moment now to say thank you.  Thank you for changing my perspective about what funny coloured pieces of dead trees can tell us about the world we live in.