What would happen if the things that go bump in the night were recruited by the Government to go thump (other bad things) in the night? The answer is, you would have the Nightmare Patrol!

We take a look at Nightmare Patrol #2 by the Father and Son writing team of Bruce and Jeff Haas. The issue was penciled and inked by new series artist Frankie B. Washington. Colours by Katrina Mae Hao, Lettering by Zen, Published by Vector Comics.

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After the events of the the previous issue we find the supernatural strike force, The Nightmare Patrol being decimated by their latest recruit The Golem. At this point the book takes a well needed detour to sculpt the origin of The Golem in a well delivered flashback sequence. This sequence raises more questions than it answers and opens up the mythology of the series nicely.

The Nightmare Patrol are a madly dysfunctional team who only barely get along and I find that these interpersonal dynamics are a lot of fun for the reader. I was reminded of elements that I have loved about reading X-Men comics over the years. All the characters are larger than life and would each have enough reason to star in their own book. But this is a team book and the team seems to be coming together nicely as the rules, origins and internal logic of the series is revealed to the reader.

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New Series Artist Frankie B. Washington has a expressive and cartoonish style which suits this title extremely well. With this issue it appears that the entire creative team has truly settled into the groove of the story that they are telling and that the book is now firing on all cylinders.

Last time that I reviewed Nightmare Patrol I said that the concept would make a great movie. Well I would love to see a Nightmare Patrol Adventure on the big screen even more after reading issue two! It’s absolutely perfect popcorn entertainment and a hell of a lot of fun!

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