Universe Gun Book 1: The War on Orgone (Fundament Zero / Self Published)

Words and Pictures: Dr Mike 2000

Welcome to the 37th Century!

Humanity has outgrown its humble terrestrial origins and extended its grasp to the other planets in the Solar System.

Our never ending hunger for resources has seen it plunder the quantum foundations of the universe itself for matter and energy.

Super Powers are bought and sold on the illicit market like recreational drugs suppressed and outlawed by those in power.

Earth has become a ghetto, home to 20 billion souls eking out a sad existence in the endless urban Megacrawl.

On nearby Mars the Indian colonial outpost of New Mumbai is a technocratic utopia ruled by Hyper Dimensional Machine Intelligence.


It’s an age of Wonder and Novelty all made possible by the Life Star.

The Life Star is an enigmatic construct from another, higher plane of existence which manifested at the start of the 21st Century gifting mankind with the mastery over Orgone, a mystical energy source which provides access to seemingly unlimited power.

This is the world of Dr Mike 2000’s Universe Gun in all it’s psychedelic, super sexy superhero Sci Fi glory.

It is a surreal hyper colour world which harks back to New Wave Science Fiction like the works of JG Ballard, Philip K Dick and Michael Moorcock and I love it!

The question at the heart of Universe Gun is a simple one.

Where did all the Superheroes go?

The arrival of the Life Star initiated an era of super-humanity, ushering in a 1000 year epoch of peace, prosperity and progress before a war decimated the super human population and led to the creation of strict laws outlawing meta human abilities.


But now as the 37th Century draws to a close it seems like humanity is on the cusp of a new second superhuman era.

The Life Star has awoken from a centuries long slumber manifesting two new heroes, Star Girl 3000 and her brother Coriolis Boy. They are the vanguard of a new age of wonder. The siblings claim to be refugees or escapees from another universe who have had their powers suppressed by the sinister QMAC (Quarantine and Metahuman Control).

Cyberius XII, the Omniscient Martian AI, has set in motion a sequence of events set to shake universes known and unknown, seen and unseen, to their very foundations.

What is Cyberius’s secret agenda?

What has awoken the Life Star after nearly 3 centuries of dormancy?

What is the true nature of the Universe Gun, an ultimate cosmic MacGuffin, and what fantastic powers will it bestow on its owner?

Most Science Fiction these days seems to fall into 1 of 3 categories. It’s either the full franchise blockbuster experience of the latest Star Wars / Trek, the post Apocalyptic Wasteland of Mad Max or the or the super serious “cerebral” Sci Fi of Interstellar, Gravity or Moon.


Thankfully Dr Mike 2000 is here with Universe Gun to show us a fantastic fourth way. A future full of colourful chaos which comments on boring banality of a contemporary society that sometimes only seems to exist to hold its breath between Presidential Twitter gaffes, iPhone Releases and Celebrity Sex Scandals.

The future world of Universe Gun is one seen through the optimism of the 1970s, when the moon landing and the future it promised was fresh in our collective unconsciousness.

It’s a link back to iconic Science Fiction staples like 2001 A Space Odyssey, Dune (the David Lynch version especially), 70s Doctor Who and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

It’s a Science Fiction universe free and unfettered by the iron chains on 1980s Techno Fear and 1990s Millennial Angst.

It’s a story that could have just easily appeared in the pages of Heavy Metal or in a millennial VERTIGO Comics miniseries alongside books like TRANSMETROPOLITAN or Peter Milligan’s Rogan Gosh.

Its spiritual brothers and sisters and movies like the 5th Element and Jodorowsky’s Dune, Animation like Aeon Flux and comics from creators like Grant Morrison, Moebius and Brandon Graham.

As I read this book and write this review Winter is just beginning to set in and it’s already been the coldest one in 75 years.

Donald Trump has just pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, Theresa May and the Conservatives have just secured another 5 years in charge of steering the UK through it’s Brexit Soup. Things couldn’t seem further from the hyperactive hypercolour world of Universe Gun.

It seems to me that this is the perfect time read a story like this to remind us that there is a shining super fantastic future waiting for us out there if we want it.

This volume collects the first 4 issues of the series and is available now on the Universe Gun site. You can also read the first two issues on Comixology.

New pages, art and sketches are released regularly through the site, Facebook and Dr Mike 2000’s instagram.