the wiked righteousThe Wicked Righteous #1 Published by Alterna Comics

Writer: Terry Mayo
Pencils & Inks: Lucas Romero
Colours: Christopher Hall:
Letters: Brandon DeStefano

The Wicked Righteous is a post-apocalyptic tale set in America in the near future. The comic asks what type of world would exist if the laws and societal structures that we have built were torn away in an instant? What type of world would we have when people could just do whatever they want to survive? Does belief in a benevolent God help at all in such a desolate situation?

Writer Terry Mayo wisely uses a group of young characters who are held together through the bonds of family to test these competing notions out; Faith vs Pragmatism. The idea of a society inhabited by children run amok reminds me in a positive way of The Lord of the Flies and I look forward to seeing how this cast continue to interact with each other in this dire setting and seeing the ramifications of the choices made due to the differing viewpoints of the main characters.


The art in The Wicked Righteous is deceptively simple, however it serves the young cast of the book extremely well and there is a darkness hiding beneath the surface of the initially cartoonish looking figures and the action scenes are top-notch!

Light and Darkness interplay in both the story and the art of The Wicked Righteous and issue #1 ends on one hell of a cliffhanger! I’m extremely keen to see where the story goes next and the comic is a very suspenseful and exciting read for a Teen+ audience.

The Wicked Righteous is in all good comic stores soon from Alterna Comics

In Shops: Aug 9, 2017
SRP: $1.50 USD
Full Color