Drexler Issue 1 of 3
Written by Bob Salley
Art By Nathan Kelly
Colours: Don Mathias
Letters by HDE
Published by Feral Kingdom Studio

Drexler is a visually compelling horror indie comic with the feel of a an exciting action movie with science fiction elements, it is an atmospheric trip into a dark shadowy place where humans interact with otherworldly entities in often gruesome ways.

Put simply, It’s my type of book!


Artist Nathan Kelley has a strong command of visuals and a unique visceral style that is drenched in shadows. His art really shines during the action scenes and his creation Drexler dominates every panel that he is in with his body language and kick-ass attitude.

The plotting and dialogue from rising indie superstar writer Bob Salley (Salvagers, Shelter Division) helps to bring the book together with his no-nonsense take on Drexler providing a stable anchor for the reader amidst the rising panic of the townfolk.

The art, colouring, lettering and dialogue work extremely well together to create an interesting journey for the reader.

The only thing that would have improved the book in my opinion was some kind of explanation for the status quo and some of the backstory through the use of a news report or similar type of plot device.

Apart from the unanswered questions that I had about the backstory, the comic is executed extremely well. I could see Drexler easily making the jump to animation or live-action movie easily due to the cinematic nature of this comic! I’m looking forward to seeing where Drexler is going next!

Drexler is being released shortly for Kickstarter backers and will be published soon by Feral Kingdom Studios