Transdimensional (1 of 4) (T Pub Comics)

This book is suggested for Mature Readers due to course language and horror themes.

Words: Michael Gordon

Pictures: Henrique Pereira

A Soviet era Nuclear Submarine is discovered seemingly intact at the bottom of the ocean after being missing for nearly 3 decades.

What happened to the crew of the L285?

How did they come to be doomed to a watery grave at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico?

What does all this have to do with a troubled marine archaeologist, plagued by nightmares of strange supernatural forces.

Fresh of a successful Kickstarter campaign early this year debuting creator Michael Gordon partners with artist Henrique Pereira and British publisher TPub Comics to introduce us to a world of supernatural horror.

They are joined by colourist Jan Wijngaard with lettering by Jim Campbell.

The story draws on the haunted house conventions of movies likeEvent Horizon, the Sphere and the Abyss building suspense and crafting intrigue as Gordon skillfully puts all his pieces on the board with a level of proficiency and craft which you wouldn’t expect from someone’s debut full length comic book.


We are introduced to Deacon Price, a deeply troubled man driven by deeply disturbing visions and haunted by violent visions. The waking world and the nightmare realm bleed and blend skillfully into one another as we granted a glimpse into the demons, both real and imagined, inside Price’s psyche.

We meet the rest of  Deacon’s deep sea explorers through the usual “get the band together” montage including his estranged wife Gracie and her lover, as well a crew of other likely highly disposable scientists and experts.

Transd1.3As their submarine descends into the oceans inky depths and we get our first glimpse of what has become of the crew of L285 the only thing we can certain of is that it’s highly likely none of them are coming to the surface in one piece.

This is a strong first issue. It does what it says on the tin, much like the Last Hunt which we recently reviewed.  It relishes in its genre tropes using them sparingly, effectively blending the overt and the implied.

Gordon displays a surprising grasp of pacing and tension in his first full length script balancing shocking revelation with that growing sense of unease that it’s all going to end horribly, because of course if its.

Brazilian artist Pereira shows draftsmen like chops with clear line work. Mancunian coloursist Jan Wijngaard shows his strengths in the nightmare and underwater sequences setting a tone and mood which really makes me look forward to what he will do with the remaining issues of this series as the horrors waiting for Price’s queue become apparent.

The first issue of Transdimensional will be available in August through the TPub store so keep an eye on their Twitter page for release info.