Time Grunts Issue 3 (Atromitos Comics / Self Published)

Words: Evan Pozios Pictures: Alex Sanchez Letters & Colours: Patrick T Parnell

Covers By: Sanchez, Clark and Parnell

Our brave GIs trapped behind enemy lines in the heart of Occupied Europe!

A super secret Nazi Castle, home to a cabal of time travelling SS Shock Troops!

Nazi Shark Men of the SS!

All the this and more waits for you in this latest issue of Evan Pozios’ and Alex Sanchez’s Time Grunts!

Before we dive on in to this third installment in this Weird War saga of Nazi Wunderwaffe you can take a quick detour to read the first two issues right now FOR FREE on the Time Grunts website and also check out our review of issue 2.

I need to start by calling out the great job the covers doing on selling you on this issue and the Time Grunts story in general.  I highlighted it in my review of the second issue and its true again here.  Whether it’s Patrick Thomas Parnell’s Silver Age inspired monster madness that you see above or Matthew Clark’s leering triangle of terror you can’t help but want to dive straight into the world of Time Grunts from the moment you lock eyes on those covers.


The action comes at you pretty thick and fast in this third issue picking up within a split second of the monstrous reveal at the end of the second issue.  Our intrepid suicide squad of Allied Soldiers finds themselves trapped at the mercy of a trio of Nazi Monster Men in the heart of Nazi occupied Europe, on the Polish / Czech border.

Their goose stepping Hitler heiling hosts have rolled out the welcome wagon by introducing them to the horrific man monster hybrids no doubt grown in a Dr Moreau inspired lab some deep inside the Castle.


After laying down the world building and ground work for the plot in the first two issues this third installment kicks it up to full throttle and goes all in with a very Predator inspired action sequence as Pops, Sarge and the rest of the squad try and fight past the nightmarish monster men, protect the mysterious Ella and make their way into the castle which is secretly the Head Quarters of the time travelling Nazi super scientists known as the Zeitwaffe.

Pozios and Sanchez again prove that they are a great story telling team.  The action is fast and punchy. Sanchez’s uses splash pages and tight, more compact panels and camera angles to create a kinetic flow to the story while contrasting our heroes with the terrifying scale and monstrous brute force of Hans, Rolf and Deiter.

My only real complaint is that its over far too quickly and the last page reveal is a real head scratcher.  As we head towards the mid point of this 8 issue miniseries I expect the action and intrigue to keep on building as the squad gets closer to unlocking the secrets of Die Glocke, the Nazi time machine.

As I mentioned early you can go and read the first two issues of Time Grunts for free, so you should pretty just stop what you’re doing what now and go and do that.

You’ll be able to pick up a New York Comic Con exclusive collection of the first three issues of Time Grunts if you’re going to be in the Big Apple on October 5 through 8 otherwise keep an eye on the Time Grunts home page for the latest on how to get your hands on the latest thrilling chapter in this weird war tale.