The Legend of La Mariposa Presents the Sons of Justice (Self Published)

Created, Written and Drawn By: James Lawrence

This is a story of a bravery.

This is a story of a battle to rid the world of a foul and fiendish phantom bent on bringing misery and woe to the citizens of a small town.

This is a story of the Masked Marvels known as the Sons of Justice.


Mancunian Master of Muscle Magic and Mystery James Lawrence takes a detour from the adventures of his aspiring Luchadora Legend La Mariposa with another action packed fun filled thrill ride.

You’ve probably worked this out (or at least hopefully worked this out) by now but we have a very pro pro-wrestling stance here at Advance Comics.  If you’ve read any of our reviews of the current WWE Series from Boom, our interview with CHIKARA Party Starter Vlad Radinov or the Post Apocalyptic Ring Wars of SLIME! you’d know that we embrace the King Of Sports in all its glory.

The world of La Mariposa takes the 150 year history of Mexican Masked Legends, filters it through the comic and surrealist approach to the sport best embodied by groups like CHIKARA, Michinoku Pro and DDTPro and mashes it with the mystery sleuthing cartoon sensibilities of classic Scooby Doo cartoon shenanigans.



Our heroes in this detour through ghoulish graveyards and haunted hellholes are:

Hippatomicus: the Highflying Heavyweight Hippo

Bully Boy Bronson: The Monocled and Moustachioed Man of Muscle Mystery

Scorchio III: the Fearless Fiery Phoenix

Ojo Tercero Jr: the Hooded Hermetic Master of Magic

the Yin Yang Brothers: Masked Mischief Makers

Lawrence manages the ensemble cast perfectly, given each Luchador a showcase moment to introduce us to their own unique take on the art of Lucha Libre.

This is the third standalone collection of La Mariposa stories which Lawrence self publishes in addition to a full colour Legend of La Mariposa Webcomic.

If I had to sum up this issue in one word that word would be capital F Fun.

Lawrence’s love for his source material is evident and infectious as he synthesises influences as diverse as Lucha Libre, classic Hanna Barbera cartoons and Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. On the comic book front you can see the link between Lawrence’s black and white cartoon style, Chris Hastings’ Dr McNinja, Ethan Nicolle’s work on Axe Cop and of course Jeff Smith’s legendary BONE series.


The end result is a great all ages super hero adventure which is ideal for the young and the young at heart.

You don’t have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy this book but there is enough here to warm the heart of the most cynical student of the grapple game.

You can pick this and the 2 other volumes of the Legend of La Mariposa through James’s Big Cartel store.  The webcomic has been on hiatus for the last few months as James has focused on completing, publishing and promoting this folio of stories but will return with regular updates before final bell ring son 2017.