Coredoor is an online comics community curated by Brandon (Multiple Warheads, Prophet, King City) Graham and Shannon (Cayrel’s Ring) Lentz.  It’s a DIY commitment to creating conversations about storytelling, comic books and being human in an era when the big comics sites are bloated with clickbait lists and regurgitated press releases.

BG and SL
L: Brandon Graham R: Shannon Lentz In Between: Gluten Free Baked Goods of unknown quality

Brandon (BG) and Shannon (SL)  sat down with Advance Comics to talk about Coredoor’s genesis and goals.

AC: Talk us through the initial conversation that lead to the creation of Core Door?

BG: I think initially for me it was born from feeling like the comics market is both flooded with work right now and most places online that talk about comics are focused on things that I have no interest in.

Years ago I had a livejournal that I got a lot out of writing on, and I wanted to continue it but in a way that was more about the community I’m in.

At the same time Shannon is a guy who is making comics of his own while being really effective at managing multiple projects.

SL: Brandon approached me about starting the site and it seemed like a no-brainer. I’ve always believed that if you want something, it’s best to just do it yourself. Not happy with the coverage the work you love is getting? Start your own comic site. Better than simply complaining about it.

AC: You describe Coredoor as a “platform for us, our peers and friends to talk about storytelling, comic books and being humans.” tell me about that.

BG: That’s pretty much a placeholder of what I was thinking the theme of the site could be. I liked the idea that we could get into posts about anything.

SL: I think the site will grow over time and the mission will evolve along with it. At the moment this statement covers our intentions with the site.

AC: Is this your first time working together or have you known each other for some time?

SL: We’ve been pals for around 5 years or so. I didn’t start creating comics until later.

BG: I first met Shannon when he bought some art from me and we got to talking. I find his , I dunno what you’d call it — socialist /scientist take on the world super interesting, he was working as a chemist when we met, and has “Para todos todo, para nosotros nada” tattooed on his arm — The Zapatista motto– For everyone, everything. For us, nothing”

AC: And how did Simon Roy and Sarah Horrocks come to be involved?

BG: Simon and Sarah are both good pals that I try to drag into everything. They’re also both people who I tend to learn from when I hear their take on the world. (also they both make great comics)

SL: I think having those two involved, along with Robin McConnell falls in line with the mission of Coredoor. To give our friends and peers, people who are great at what they do, a platform to share their critiques, comics and what they are currently into.

AC: Who else will be see being featured on the page in the future?BG: There’s a lot of people who I want to get involved.  Nathan Wilson, has done some great posts on Moebius and Frank Quitley. Ludroe, a friend of mind in Japan who does comics and graffiti, just did an article entirely drawn and handwritten about going shopping for used books in Tokyo.

SL: I’m really into tabletop gaming and plan on showcasing some of the art used in board games and role playing games. I especially love it when I see comic book creators finding their way into board game illustration. I like Robin (Inkstuds) Stacks on Stacks column too. As usual, he talks about comics I would never have come across on my own.

AC: Is there some sort of Master Plan (™) for the site or is it more about providing a platform for you to get out whatever is current and / important to you at the time?

SL: I’m not sure if it’s a master plan but I’m currently focused using the site to help me get funding for Cayrels Ring. I’m going the self-published route and need all the help I can get in spreading the word. Hopefully Coredoor will help out with that.

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BG: For me the plan is changing over time. The idea was more aggressive than the reality. Initially I was frustrated with how people were talking about comics– and now I’m less concerned with what anyone else is doing and I just think it’s nice to type about things I like along with friends.

Check out Coredoor for the latest updates from Brandon, Shannon and their friends or follow them on Twitter.  Come back soon for Part 2 of interview where we talk more to Brandon and Shannon about the future of Multiple Warheads, Cayrel’s Ring and Coredoor.