Diamonds1.1Strike Team Code Name Diamond Force (Self Published)

words: Michael Tanner

pictures: Lukasz Kowalczuk

The Night Ninjas are up to no good again!

They’ve high jacked a yacht full of heiresses, models, actresses and game show hostesses.

There’s only one elite black ops group that the President trusts for this special mission.

A an elite trio that’s fast as lightning, cold as ice and hard as diamonds.

Strike Team Codename Diamond Force!

Michael Tanner teams with Advance Comics Favourite Lukasz (Slime!, Samurai Slasher) Kowalczuk to bring us a two fisted, patriotic, Reaganomic, fly kicking, ninja beating action adventure pulled straight from the shelves of your local VHS Village or Beta Barn.

The trailer introduces us to our 3 brave heroes.

  • Billy Chop-San: Martial Arts Master and Living Weapon.
  • Duncan Winchel: Soldier of Fortune, Cocktail Enthusiast
  • Sizzle St. Sear: Lady Cop, Sharp Shooter


The creators of Strike Team Code Name Diamond Force have clearly carefully studied Vintage VHS from the Lamas & Lundgren Action Academy to come up with a lost relic of a bygone era.

This comic, we are told, adapts the lost master piece of Primo Fumeti, the Italian Master of the Exploitation, who directed such as classics as  “The Kung-Fu Decimator,” “Bone Smuggler,” “The Machine Gun Jungle,” and “Madame Wu and the Triad of Pain”.

This feels like something that would’ve starred a bunch of has been or never will be actors and been filmed over a 5 day weekend during a non-stop drug and booze filled bender in an abandoned holiday resort off the coast of Thailand “where the cost of life is cheap”.

Which is to say its pretty much a perfect addition to the list of loving parodies of 80s Action film excess sitting right along side films like Kung Fury and Turbo Kid or graphic novels like Kyle Stark’s Sexcastle.

The story leans hard into the gimmick reaching its peak when the team tracks the nefarious ninja to their secret island base, concealed by dark magic so it will only be revealed under the cover of darkness.

The action scenes come at you with unrelenting speed the black and white art equally highlighting Kowalczuk’s strengths as a cartoonist and his flair for the exaggerated and hyper real.

The real unexpected treats in this book are the fake advertisements for cartoon funnies, video nasties and game cartridges for your Intellivision which are inserted throughout the issues.


Mix it all together and you’ve got yourself a potent mix which will set your eyes and brain spinning and leave you eagerly anticipating the team’s next thrilling mission as the closing credits begin to role.

The creators’ affection for the source material is clear as is their commitment to share their love of it with you, the reader.

If you’re ready this before January 17th you can still back the Kickstarter to help unleash the Diamond Force on the world.  You can also look for updates on Michael Tanner’s home page and follow Michael and Lukasz on Twitter.