Ion Grip 1

Ion Grip 1 of 4  (Self Published / Online)

Words: A.P. Weber

Art: John Gajowski

The name’s Grip, Ion Grip, Interstellar Man of Mystery, if you’d heard of him you’d probably be dead by now.

In a far flung future Ion Grip is the former spymaster now fugitive on the run.  All it took was a tiny little leak of some state secrets and now the long simmering feud between rival galactic factions has erupted into full blown interplanetary war. Both sides are looking for Ion for answers and revenge in equal measures so the man who was once the galaxy’s top secret agent has gone to ground living the simple life of a satellite maintenance technician.

But true to form the offer of one more job lures Ion out exile.  He has been recruited by the top secret spy agency Blackstar. His mission, go undercover in one of the galaxy’s most dangerous crime syndicates and find out everything he can about renowned scientist Dr Remy Hume.

Ion grip has run regularly as an eponymous web comic for some time now. This issue collects “The Good Doctor” the opening story arc  of the series.

Weber and Gajowski’s Ion Grip combines all the classic genre trappings of a Cold War spy mystery and recasts it against a space opera backdrop.

Ion Grip 4

Science Fiction comics have seen a massive resurgence in recent years thanks to the breakthrough success of Saga. Weber and Gajowski take a similar setting of a galaxy at war and infuse it with the swagger of James Bond along with a slice of 2000 AD humour .  Shake it all up in a cocktail mixer and pour into an Old Fashioned glass and you’ve got Ion Grip.

Weber’s script effortlessly mashes genre conventions in a way that clearly demonstrates his affection for the source material.  His dialogue is witty and snappy without being overly stylised and forced. Grip’s hard boiled narration and macho antics conceal a man who is always on the look out for the inevitable death and deceit that could be lurking around any corner.

Ion Grip is a man of action.  Whether that’s throwing fists, firing blaster or dueling the dirtiest players in the galaxy in a rigged rocket bike race. Gajowski captures it all.

Character designs and world building have a classic science fiction feel. Fight scenes and action sequences are full of momentum and energy.

There is no credited colourist on this issue so I am going to assume that Gajowski is also responsible for the bold eye catching colours which breath life into his art.  From bold reds and orange to bright pinks and greens, the colours add life and vitality when contrasted to the deep blue black of space.

This is an excellently paced first issue with Weber and Gajowski working in tandem to tell a story which follows many of the established genre beats in a fun and entertaining way.  You can feel the last page reveal coming from a way off but the cliff hanger final panel will leaves you with a smile on your face wanting more.

The adventures of Ion Grip continue in Chapter 2, the Good Son.  You can pick chapter 1, 2 and 3 for just 99 cents each right now from the Ion Grip online store or Comixology.

You can keep up to date on all of Ion’s adventures by following the team on Twitter.  Chapter 4 of the Ion’s adventures is in full swing with the new pages of the ongoing web comic appearing weekly.

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