Glorious Wrestling Apocalypse (Self Published)

Words & Pictures: Josh Hicks

It’s hard times for the Glorious Wrestling Alliance

When we last left our crew of grapplers things didn’t look good. After barely surviving a grueling four week tour all their dreams had literally gone up in smoke when their tour bus was set alight by a gang of hoodlums.

It was a sign of the bad times headed their way.  Now business is down, arenas are empty, the crowds have turned away.

Creditors are circling, even El Financiero the Angel Investor sees nothing but failure in the future.

Who will save the day? Who will bring the fans back, put buts in seats and turn back the cruel winds of fate?

Will Great Carp, the Fishy Face of the GWA, rekindle his passion for the King of Sports and lead the company he made great back to the promise land?

Will Death Machine, the conflicted combatant, turn his back on a budding career as an outsider poet and wage war one again for championship glory?

Will Gravy Train, the Condiment King, be the new face that runs the place?

Will Miranda Fury be Queen of the Ring or will her frustrations boil over?

GWA is running out of time and money, the countdown to Apocalypse is on!


Welsh cartoonist Josh Hicks returns with the 3rd chapter on the Glorious Wrestling Alliance story, just in time for Thought Bubble 2018.

The framing sequence for this issue follows Great Carp’s as the Fish Headed Fighter tries to prove he still deserves to be called the Ace of the Glorious Wrestling Alliance. But the tough times have taken their toll, his (fish) head isn’t in the game and it’s beginning to show. Will some tough talk from promoter Rick Lovett Jr be enough to snap him out of his malaise of will the lure of a licensed life outside wrestling provide irresistible?

With their locker room leader absent, the remainder of the GWA roster grows restless. Death Machine idly rewrites rhyming couplets instead of throwing hands. Gravy Train tries to get a grasp on their new rule-breaking bad guy persona while Miranda Fury struggles for the accolades respect and recognition which are heaped on her hooded alter ego Hyper Mask

Global Wrestling Apocalypse blends the elements and structure of a workplace sitcom with the an absurd and humorous take on the world of wrestling you might see in CHIKARA, Kaiju Big Battel or Japan’s DDT (Dramatic Dream Team) to produce something truly enjoyable.

This is the third volume in the GWA series but a handy double page recap spread quickly brings everyone up to speed and sets the (flaming) table for an accessible fun read.

(ed: you can also pick up the first two GWA volumes “pay what you want” on Gumroad so you should probably go and do that too)

The story breezes ahead with a series of sketch-like vignettes, firing off gags in quick-fire succession.  Hicks’ expressive cartoon art style blends with this perfectly to sneakily building pathos and empathy for the motley crew of ring warriors that make up team GWA.

Will Death Machine find his true calling in life?

Will Miranda Fury be the break out star she knows in her heart she can be?

Will Gravy Boat be able to control his scalding, scarifying condiment based offense?

Will Ricky Lovett Jr win his father’s love and admiration by saving the company that Ricky Snr built with nothing but gumption, blood, sweat and tears?

What will Great Carp do with a storage locker full of unsold merchandise bearing his fishy features?Will the GWA perish in the flames that are threatening to consume it or will it be reborn like a phoenix from the ashes?I don’t know but I’ll be back next time to find out.You can pick up all 3 GWA Volumes from Josh Hicks’ web store and follow him on Twitter for all the latest bone breaking, sense shattering, grapple-tastic GWA news.GWA11Seeing as you’re here why not check out some of our other great indie wrestling comics including:Invasion from Planet WrestletopiaThe Legend of Mariposa