Hard Boiled Cover

Hardboiled Issue 1 (Kapow Comics)

Words & Letters: Nath Stones

Pictures: Luke Andrew

Life’s pretty hard when you’re the world’s greatest treasure hunter.

Whether it’s death trap filled tombs, fisticuffs with hired goons or surviving hails of gunfire while riding down the snowy side of a mountain on an improved snowboard made of a fry pan.

And then there’s all the complications that come from being a giant egg.

It’s all in a days work for the world’s premier treasure hunting Egg, the heroic scoundrel Eggbert.

Hard Boiled is the brainchild of Australian Creators Nath Stones and Luke Andrew.  It combines the treasure hunting hijinks of Duck Tales, the genre smart savvy of the Joe Kelly / Ed McGuiness Deadpool run and the black and white indie comic of humour of series like Dr McNinja.


The first issue of this three issue miniseries opens in the icy Canadian wilderness with Eggbert and his trusty sidekick Kung-Fu Jo on the hunt for the legendary and mysterious P’en-Guin Diamond.

It should be a routine heist for an experienced High Risk Thief like Eggbert and it would be if it wasn’t for rampaging Yetis and a rival gang of thieves who are hellbent on scrambling our favourite Ovate Explorer.

Hard Boiled is fun, funny and action-packed with some not so subtle nods and winks to action movie tropes and trappings.

Stones’ script blends action and comedy with a well-paced introducing us to Eggbert’s world.

Andrew’s clean, cartoon inspired line art resembles a cleaner less gritty  Jim Mahfood or Rob Guillory’s work on Chew.  The arctic tundra setting allows Andrew to make the most of the black and white art pallet playing with shading and inking to add shadows, mood and texture.


Will it be out of the frying pan and into the fire for our intrepid heroes?

How is the P’en Guin Diamond linked to legendary lost Atlantis?

Who are the secret and sinister forces conspiring against Eggbert and Joe?

All this and more is revealed, or at least teased, in the pages of this fun first issue.

Eggbert’s adventures will appeal to fans of classic 90s Cartoons like Sponge Bob, Animaniacs and Rocko’s Modern Life as well as making a great read for middle school aged children who enjoy the antics of Cartoon Network series like Adventure Time.

The first two issues of Hard Boiled are available now through the Kapow Comics website with Nath and Luke hard at work at having the climactic third issue out before the end of the year.  You can keep up to date on this and the other titles in the Kapow Comics family by keeping in touch through Facebook and Twitter.